An Invitation to enlighten the future


Here is a teen age guy named “Al Amin“. He is 16 years old. He fell from palm tree on September 7, 2008. He came to CRP in 2009. His whole body is paralyzed except mouth and neck. He had already taken 82 bags of blood donation in his body at this age. He studied upto class 8 and is opting to enroll in Bangladesh Open University. He is now learning art in CRP rehabilitation program. He has a younger brother studying in KG. The most saddening factor is that his father is also in CRP with eye problem and Al Amin’s mother is the only one eligible earning member.


Al-amin with his mother

Now he needs a Mattress which is probably around 7000 for his better treatment of sore in his back as suggested by his doctor. Mr. Manik, CRP Publication Officer and Mr. Motin, a well known guy for his role in a CRP made awareness film also recommended us about that.

We, “Jagori” (a group of 8 students from various institute) are actually doing a project”Essence of Shadhinota 2011″ under CommunityAction for donating a reasonable amount of money to a proper guy. We find two people eligible. But we can help only one with that amount and Al Amin also needs our assistance.

Team: Jagori, Action: Enlighten The Future

Actually we were astonished to see Al Amin and his mother’s nice smile with so many depressions in their mind. May be their smile invites us to ease some of their untold and unnoticed pain and to widen their smile by helping them.

So if anyone wants to contribute something for Al Amin’s happiness in his sadness please contact me through email (


Previous Essence at CRP


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