… and love to live in the city of blinding light

... and love to live in the city of blinding light

In Bangladesh, around 95% of blind girls never attend school and around 80% of blind adult women never have the opportunity to develop their full potential and find meaningful employment. But unfortunately only 10% of us are aware of this condition.

Most of the visual impaired girls and boys come from under privileged poor family. A number of factors contribute to their blindness; lack of proper nutrition during pregnancy, lack of health consciousness and treatment, dependency on so called jhar fook (unenlightened orthodoxy) etc.

Some are blind by born, some looses vision later, at very early age. Illiteracy also increases the population of visual impaired people. We know a family where father was visual impaired and the grandfather too. Those parents gave birth to ten children and five of them are completely visual impaired. The rest are somehow affected. The elder one is now fighting to survive and help his siblings to live like a man lives.

A group of students studying text book of braille

They have as much potential as we do. A by-born blind girl, who is the first blind student of Teachers’ Training College, Dhaka, achieved 24th position in the National University admission test. None of her family passed higher secondary level, whereas she is the only visual impaired among them. Isn’t it noteworthy? If this didn’t happen, what may go off to her? She might have become just a burden to her poor family. Actioneers were always available to her comfort in every possible way- as a reader, as a writer in the exam, as hidden parent, as sister, as her white stick. An Actioneer from NSU is now her mentor. There are so many examples of triumph by Actioneers like this .

Come, be a guardian in the dark

Do you now feel the power of being someone’s eyes? Your small effort can make someone so smiley, can give someone hope and love to live in the dark. A team from “Essence of Shadhinota”: Shopno| Bindu|, is now working with blind girls of a school at Mirpur. They are working in three phases:

Pen Stand made by them






1. Arrange an event with visual impaired girls to make handy crafts and sharing ideas.

2. Arrange a fund raiser to collect donations for them and sell those crafts.

3. To solve a problem of any poor visual impaired girl or provide the school with necessary materials with the raised fund. If you want to help, please contact the team leader: Avia Nahreen

Color of paradise

Please spread around this message, even if we can’t do anything for them. At the very minimum let’s just know about these wonderful girls! Put one step forward to fulfill a dream. Be the light of their city of darkness.




Watch this clip, this one made me cry …


Come, be guardian in the dark!

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Sohaila did Masters in Theoretical Physics and Bachelors in Physics from University of Dhaka. One founder and General Secretary at CommunityAction. E-mail: sohaila@ca-bd.org
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  1. Monica Islam says:

    Excellent, masha’Allah!

  2. wonderful initiative!
    ”shopno bindu” ra jome jome onek boro hok!

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