Let’s paint, earn some smile!

It was one beautiful day for an action like Action: এসো রাঙ্গাই-[Let’s Paint]. My team members Asrar, Junaied, and Tanzim came over to my house by 9.40. We took the painting materials and t-shirts down and looked for my driver who was on Boishak chuti. I hired a rickshaw for 3 hours and made him work with us as a temporary actioneer.

By ten duties were delegated and the team was ready in front of a building of Road 8/A. Just then my father called and told me to get 50 handfans from him. My father’s friends and he were having a program in the lake and there were many spare handfans. I got them and sent Tanzim to get some kids from the lake.

Three kids came and they were presented with t-shirts and a handfan and Asrar and Junaied drew ‘ektara’ and ‘flower’ on their t-shirts. We made some t-shirts like jerseys by writing their names on the back. This went on. After they were done we sent these kids to get their siblings and other kids in that area. Richshawpuller actioneer helped us very much in handling the kids. I took photographs and helped my painter friends. I gave Tanzim a hard job. He verified kids looking pictures in the camera so that we don’t mistakenly repeat same customers.

It went pretty smooth and we then changed spot to Dhanmondi Road 32. We finished our job there by presenting more t-shirts. The sizes of clothes were a problem but my intelligent inexperienced teammates managed it awesomely. At 12.25 we closed our phase1 thanking the temporary actioneer (substitute of Nabila Apu) and my other friends.

Thanks to Almighty Lord who helped us do this project so easily. Thanks to Sohaila Apu, Tahsin Bhaia and my teammates for their great help. And special thanks to Adnan Bhaia for constant help and my father for the fans. And finally thanks to this project which destroyed my new Panjabi.



Note: When I went to the lake later again to watch the ‘Nouka Baich’ I saw the kids still wearing the t-shirts we gave them earlier.


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  1. seems like a fresh-blood in CA-team. Its ur time, boy…enjoy and welcome!

  2. Malte says:

    Wonderful publish, I truly await updates by you.

  3. Jacquiline says:

    Super publish, I absolutely look ahead to messages of your stuff.

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