Dear Everyone,

I’ve missed the opportunity to see-off you guys and I humbly apologize for that. We’ve been together for the last few weeks and shared so many experiences. Now it really seems unfortunate that I couldn’t give you guys a proper farewell. So, here is what I would’ve liked to tell you guys………………..

New friends from Singapore :)

Micheal in a meet up with the villagers

Michael, I think I don’t need to say how much everyone loved you and thought of you as their own. You were a devoted volunteer, a curious learner, and an outstanding friend. Salute to you!

(PS: I’ve read the card you gave Hridoy…….. it was beautiful. I was touched, happy and jealous! :-)

Hanish man



You are so friendly and unrestrained that talking to you for a minute will make anyone your friend. At least, that’s what it did to me. I will always miss the chats I had with you and the games I learnt from you. You were a great narrator (not only in Polar Bear!!!), and a very good friend.

Pranvera, You were so fluent with everyone, it almost seemed like you’re within your own kin. Keep up the good work and definitely try on TV :p

Fariha, I’ve really liked the note you wrote on my T-shirt. And of-course, you were definitely the creepiest, stealthiest, deadliest Polar bear of the whole trip. But Fahim might have been right about the whole vampire thing. ( You know…. you talked very little during day!). See you again next time.

Joel, I hope you had a good time learning Bangla and communicating with the villagers. I really liked being the interpreter anyway. BTW, you look really cool in Panjabi and glasses, think of keeping that style: p

Noelle and Wonderlin is ready for a wedding party in the village



You were adorable. And it seemed to me, that you were also the ‘Brains’ of Sheba Team. You were very proficient in whatever you did, and I think there’s still a lot left to expect from you in the future. Keep up the work (as it was all good!).

Wonderline, You’re very curious and enthusiastic, you know that? You were the first in line to try out things (sometimes even taking risks). I hope you’re having a great time in India too as we had here with you.

Vithiyah, I’ll remember you as the friendly face. You were very bold in your words and your works, and it suites you that way. I hope, in between reading the Archies and thrillers, you’ll remember us.

Sugu with a kid....


Though you look all the part, you can be pretty humorous sometimes. You were a good leader and a steady worker too. Keep it up.


I made you pretty mad at me that one time in polar bear, and I’m sorry that I did. (It was fun tricking you though!). Stay well and keep in touch.

Bang Lin, Did I mention that some of the villagers were calling you by ‘shundor kore chele’ (nice looking lad!!). BTW, I loved some of your camera works, can’t wait to see the others. Click well.

Devanshi, Remember the time we were lost in the Bongo-Bazaar and I didn’t have a clue…. that was freakin’ awkward. Anyhow, thanks for helping out at the IT trainings, and all the other times. Stay firm.

Chhabhi, Thank you for coming down with all the help and effort. Hope this project was fruitful to you as it was for us. Keep in touch.

Indra, The way you laugh, will do no good for you in polar bear. That’s why you were falsely accused so much. Stay well and keep in touch.

Madhura, We had a really fun time together, and it was cool to work with Bangali’s from the other side. I suppose you liked the Saris you looked for and bought. Stay in touch, and as we are practically neighbors, visit us sometime.

Kamini, I hope you had a good time in Bangladesh. Thanks for coming down to help and all the trouble you faced for it. And hey, cut down the junk foods a bit. They may taste good for the moment, but does damage for the future. Stay nice.

Aishwarya, I heard you’re an excellent singer, but I wasn’t lucky enough to listen to you much. I’ll look forward to that if there is a next time.

P.S: You Ruled at ‘Pig’.

So that’s it, I’ll definitely miss you guys. But if there’s a chance in the future, let’s work together again.


– Zabir.

Photo curtsy: Ngo Bang Lin


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