Miss You Guys! Miss All those excellent moments!

Dear guys,

I passed excellent & memorable 3 weeks with you all. When I bear in mind all the little little reminiscences like teaching together, construction under the hot sun, flying kites, playing polar bear, visiting village riding on little van, gossiping, songs party, watching stars in the mid night, shopping in Dhaka, I miss you all, I miss all those exciting days…..

And this is Pran, means life to many!



“Polar bear, O Polar bear…” I will never forget this tone! Can you remember the day of marriage in the village? Villagers were saying, “We wanna talk this beautiful girl, bring her here!” & you talked to them around one hour! If we meet at any time (may be on any street in Stockholm), I will say, Hi Beautiful, si po ju? & you will definitely say with a long tone… Hi Hridoy, I am fine, what about you?  haha…see you! Keep in touch!


My sweet teacher! Everyone says, the sweet girl who talks sweetly, smile sweetly. I will say thesweetest girl. You taught me lots about how to teach children. Grateful to you! Waiting to say“Apri Erikra” when we will meet next time! :)

Bhuvan and Noelle


The cute kid! People still ask me “how old she was?” we were children’ teacher & you were our teacher. Teaching, dancing, drawing, Chinese traditions, everywhere you are, superb!  You are admirable whatever you perform! Thanks for your note, it touched me very much. I think, love of the people is one of my great achievements from this project. Good news, now I can use chopstick, thanks for teaching me the strategy! Hey,,, Noelle Lim Yi Ling….. You will have to say my full name wherever we meet next time! :) :)


So quiet, simple & pretty. One of the most attentive teachers during the teaching! Teaching, working together, visiting bazaar, miss all those excellent moments! :( I point the finger at you sometimes as polar bear just because you were so quiet! Although I was wrong but you were really creepiest & deadliest polar bear! Anyway, I missed” Star Kabab,” don’t wanna miss next time! :)

Mike, always present in any requisite circumstances!


The Superstar of the village. You won the heart of the children. I think, children will easily recognize you even after many years. You were an outstanding learner.  You love to learn & do anything new. You are quiet but always perform best in any requisite circumstances. Thanks for the card man, when I feel frustrated, I read the card to be inspired, to be optimistic. You are waiting from last six years & I have just started to wait. I promise, I will wait for……


I remember the home stay day. It was really fun. One game, one mistake, one defeat. I learnt lots from my mistake. Now I am experienced & waiting to beat you next time! :)


One of the most enthusiastic girls I have ever seen. Everywhere in every field,” I wanna try this, I wanna do this, do you need any help?” this is Indera. Remember the harvesting in the field & lunch with spicy curry on the day of home stay. The experience was amazing! Dear, I know you can but try to avoid risky things! :) I promise, I will work for bad boys to turn them into good boys (Anti Smoking Campaign)! Mistakenly I forgot one thing…..well, wait,,,inform you soon! :) :)


A friendly face with mind blowing smile! Everyone says about me, I am so quiet, I don’t smile, and I am not much friendly. Trying to copy your smile (hope there is no copyright!J), shaking head up & down with mind blowing smile that can make a person happy within a moment! :) I won’t forget your cooking session, your continuous efforts to make us understand the recipe & cooking process. I was really a bad interpreter! :( Thanks for all yummy food & wish to binge again next time! :)


At first I thought you were a very solemn person but I was wrong. You are pretty humorous! I sawpassionate outburst in you in the cultural day! I love it, I like it, maybe I can’t express! :( Thanks for always supporting me by patting on my back like a guardian! :)

Nice looking lad Bang lin :)


Bang Lin

Shundor Kore Chele (nice looking lad)….. You look like a professor with glasses! :) Proud of your innovative camera works!


Truth or Dare? Dare! You are really brave! I can remember your face when you were injured because of cycling! You were so calm, it seemed that nothing happened! I get strength in my bad time when I remember this. Btw, be careful when cycling or doing anything adventurous next time! :)


I just remember the awesome moments of playing polar bear & bluff with all of you. Thanks for teaching me those games. I think Sheba Team can’t imagine playing polar bear without you! May be conversation between you & me were little just because of my poor English but everyone says, you are so friendly. You can make friend anyone within a few minutes!:) Hope you had a great time here!  Btw, I am still interested to see the secret letter you were given by the village girl! :) :)


My neighbor! Always accused me as polar bear! Really, I was an innocent villager most of the time, haha! I hope you had a good time here surrounded by the similar culture. May visit Calcutta soon! Keep in touch!


The singer, missing all the songs party which would be incomplete without you! You like to sing classical songs, me too! Wanna see you in Indian Idol! :)


Who will inspire me by telling “good” when I will perform anything well? :( I hope, you had a good time here! Btw, I missed your birthday cake just because I was a little bit late! :( Don’t wanna miss next time! :) :)


The picture! :) The scenery of your bricks breaking overflows on my eyes.  I hope, you had a good time here in Bangladesh! :)


You looked like a cool bridegroom in “Panjabi” in the day of marriage ceremony! :) You look really cool in that style. I didn’t dance in the cultural day, may be next time! :)


The amount of pressure you can take is unbelievable! You were an excellent leader! I learnt lots of things from you. Waiting with some awesome plans until you are here in Bangladesh. Stay connected!


I like your voice, style of conversation! Your voice is really excellent. Hope you are having a great time here with family, friends & others!

Take Care Guys!

– Hridoy

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Currently Actioneer Hridoy is student of North South University, School of Business. He describes himself as "Too lovely to hate, Too boring to love!"
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