Project Sheba, Bogura: A Trip to Heaven

One o’clock in the morning, May 03, 2011. Alone in my room. Alone and awake. I turned on the song “Maya Lagaise”. A sudden burst of wind chilled a side of my face. I looked out of the window. My mistake! I meant to see some green. Some stars. A good full moon. My bad! Guess what? I am back to the city that never gives me the opportunity that I have just finished taken advantage of, the opportunity to see endless green. The opportunity to see the stars. The opportunity to spend time with village people and regular village kids who dazzled us with their brilliance.  The opportunity to interact with international students of same standard.

I am ever optimistic. I believe there is enough good in the world that can outnumber its evil 10 times.  I believe a small drop of dew can give life to a seed. I believe the ability to dream, the ability to inspire and be inspired is the most important. Because it doesn’t matter how much you try to do something, after some times you face a brick wall. A solid unsolvable set of problems. To overcome it, we need inspiration. My wish to work with CA and Sheba team is driven by inspiration. And to my heart’s content,  I confess that I am completely satisfied with the fullness with which I have reached my objective.

We are the kite runners :)

All I want to say is that I am as changed a person as inspiration can change you. I am inspired by the brilliance of the kids I taught, the students of Singapore Management University I have interacted with. I am inspired by the natural beauty that had surrounded me for the last week. I am inspired, for I have met some of the most awesome people of my life. I am also inspired because I had the opportunity to inspire. It is quite unbelievable that how brilliant a regular village boy of Khaduli, a village with no electricity and endless beauty, can be. Without seeing by your own eyes, you won’t believe how creative they are, how understanding they can be and how thirsty they are for knowledge.

For me, Project Sheba will never be completely over.

Because I will never be able to forget the stream of inspiration I have received from it. I will never forget the kids I taught. The look on their face was like a half free bird waiting to take off. I will never forget working in the brick passing department of logistics section. I will never forget the sessions , the trip round the village with my buddy pairs. I will never forget the games we played, the song session, the kite flying and the trips in the green fields. I will never forget the sunset I had witnessed which literally broadened my mind. I will never forget the endless laughs I had with other CA members. I will never forget the fun and serious discussions we had with Sheba team. I will never forget the unique experience I have had with Project Sheba.

A Duck of Many Colours

The above artwork belongs to a student of Community School at Khaduli. All the students were given clay and paint to make anything they could think of.

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Student of IBA, University of Dhaka
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  1. CommunityAction says:

    Actioneers are tremendous!

  2. Rex Ryan says:

    I’d have to check with you here. Which is not something I usually do! I enjoy reading a post that will make people think. Also, thanks for allowing me to comment!

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