Your eyes, my vision: An inspirational note

What is darkness to you?

You would say “that is simple, darkness is the absence of light.” But it is not that simple if you have to live a lifetime in darkness. I mean literally, what if you wake up tomorrow to find out you have lost your sight. The solemn power that you had to savor this life, the source of light to guide you through every move and direction is simply taken away from you. You don’t see any color, the faces around you, not even your own reflection in the mirror. The world is just a pint of nothingness. Can you survive?

Your eyes, my vision

I cannot imagine how I would have come so far if I had to lead a life without the light in my eyes. But life itself plays so many wonders and the people with beautiful minds who we get to meet in this short phase of life can inspire us so greatly.

Working as an Actioneer few days back, I got to meet this wonderful boy named Rahim through the action STEP-UP. He has only 40% vision, so now you can imagine, right? The world he lives in is a very struggling one indeed. He comes from a very conservative poverty driven family living in Dohar. He is currently a fresher and yet he runs the errands, which not every guy of his age can be seen to be responsible for usually. In spite of his disability, he has never thought of giving up the hope of living a normal life.

Believe it

After talking to him, I get the idea that he is a true fighter, fighting in the battle of life with a hope he will win all the obstacles one day. He has ten siblings, six of them are almost blind. But Rahim didn’t think blindness can make anyone stop to reach the goals of life. As he continues with his studies in the Braille system, he encouraged his siblings to study in the Braille system as well. He brought two of his young brother and sister in Dhaka, so that they would get better opportunity in life. He believes education alone can free us from a handicapped life. Besides his studies, he is working as a computer operator to teach other blind pupils in an organization. Thus with the limited income he runs his expenses and also the expenses of his siblings and sometimes the family. But he is not yet giving up. He dreams for a better life and now mostly he dreams his siblings will be independent one day overcoming all the obstacles that life has chosen for them.

I got to know from Rahim, even if they want to study how limited resources they have for their education. As the govt. blind institutions don’t update the Braille books according to the academic curriculum very regularly, it is very expensive for those who still want to continue their studies in the Braille system by other means. Despite of all the obstacles, the zest of life in his words and his dedication for his blind siblings is a source of great inspiration.

Endless inspiration point ...

I believe if we can all be united to support such honest dreams of people like Rahim, the world would be a little less harsh place and we can all enjoy the harmony of peace and solidarity.


About Bushra Tasnim Zahed

Actioneer Bushra is studying at CSE Department, BUET.
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8 Responses to Your eyes, my vision: An inspirational note

  1. I think if CA can help these blind persons, it will be an excellent work. I know that CA is already doing something for them, but can you please intensify this effort? May be, focus on providing Braille books only. Or may be, be the paramount contributor to educate the blind students, in entire Bangladesh.

    I wish some corporate organizations will come forward with generous contribution. InshaAllah CA will be able to convince some of them with its good team of negotiators. Good luck for CA, I wish you will have the right funding..

  2. Ben Zaman says:

    @Bushra Tasnim Zahed: Apu, I really really liked your article but at the same time it made me really sad. I once talked with a blind person, who is my distant relative and I saw his expressions when he was trying to feel what I looked like … how my eyes were … my face was … !!! He asked me for a favor but I didn’t know how to reply. He asked me, “Tumi amake tomar chok ta ek din er jonno ektu dao, Ami Dekbo, amar chele er meye ke” … !! I still don’t have any answer to that question!

  3. Gazi Sakir says:

    Liked the article…….thank you for your noble steps. :)

  4. Shagufta says:

    Its a beautifully written piece dost. You should write more. I am glad to know you are working for people like that. Inspirational indeed.

  5. Bushra Tasnim Zahed says:

    Thanks all for your response. I will soon update more of Rahim and his siblings’ whereabouts. In the meantime, let us contribute to the welfare of our community. Remember even a smile is charity. :)

  6. Hasan Tarek Akash says:

    Ami kicchudin aage 1ta apur (visually impaired) exam dite giyecchilam, Shopna apu. Apu DU theke History te masters cmplte korechen. Ami exam dite thaka shomoye onar spirit, onar byakulota dekhe sotti e inspired hoyechi ! Ami shadharonoto exam er shomoy sesh hoye jawar pothe jana question o anwr kori na,ei vebe j start kore sesh korte parbo an. Bt, shpona apu j sesh muhurto takeo kaje kivabe lagate hoy seta amake shikhiyechen. Ami jokhon onake bollam, apu time sesh, 1 ta short question lekha baki acche, start korle sesh korte parbo an, bt, uni bollen tumi suru koro lekha,, asha chere diyo na. and, at last 2 minute e superfast speed e anwer ta lekha hoye gelo!!! so,, never lose HOPES!

  7. Monica Islam says:

    Honest and humble article. Good read!

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