Our 13th Library With The Hope-Maker

Inspired by the noble initiatives of our hero Jaynal Abedin Chacha, we (Actioneers) agreed that it would be a nice idea to help his school in any way we could. We decided to collect unnecessary books we have in our houses from the campus and use those to build a library for the poor students of the school.

The hope-maker

“Action: Boi Onneshon” (Action: Book Hunt) therefore started on March 2011. Students from various departments agreed to volunteer as CRs to collect books from their respective classes and departments. The search went on for about three months. We got huge response!! Then there was the task of sorting the collected books. Happily we got a really large Actioneer team for the purpose.

200+ book where most of them are new :D


We exchanged the text books of higher classes at Nilkhet for childrens’ books. A lot of people also donated in cash. And finally on 14 June 2011 we made the happy donation at BUET café where we handed over the books to Jaynal Chacha along with a shelf to keep them in. He was ever so delighted!


He invited us to visit his place whenever we can to see for ourselves the entire initiative, and we agreed happily.

Joynul Abedin with newly received books from CA's Boi Onneshon

Maybe on or around August we will be visiting Mymensingh at his place, you all are invited to join us then! Jaynal Chacha’s dream is still a long way far from being accomplished, and we all could try our best to lend him a hand of support. For more info follow the links:


Hopeful Actioneers with Hope-maker Joynul Abedin at Del Cafe, BUET

Discussing dreams cause when you dream alone that is only dream but when you dream together that is reality!


Team leader: Shabnam Basera Rishta,  CSE, BUET

Deputy: Raiyan Abdul Baten, EEE, BUET





Team Actioneers:

Sayeed Shafayet Chowdhury Turjo, Momshad Nayeem Rizve, Aqeeb Iqbal Arka, Asir Intisar Khan Sakib, Samira Musleh, Shudip Datta, Sakal Roy


About Raiyan Abdul Baten

Raiyan is doing his bachelors towards Electrical and Electronic Engineering in Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), currently in his final year. He is an Executive Director of CommunityAction.
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  1. Umme Ruhani Rothee says:

    এমন উদ্যেগ সত্যি প্রশংসনীয়।এরকম কোনো কাজে অংশগ্রহন করতে পারলে খুব ভাল লাগবে।আশা করছি এমন সুযোগ পাব হয়ত।ধন্যবাদ।

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