A Blissful Day–Action: Piyaju-Beguni 2011 (Day 8)

The heavy downpours throughout the week got us all praying for the rain to end for the successful completion of Action: Piyaju-Beguni 2011 in Chittagong. When finally the most anticipated day, 12thAugust came with beautiful sunny weather, we felt relieved. Thanks to Almighty Allah! That was the day when the Actioneers shared iftaar with 250 under privileged street-children in Kazir Dewri Area, Chittagong on the 8th day of this month long Action.

As this was one of the first actions (in fact Action: Ushnota was the very first) in Chittagong, all the Actioneers were very excited. Our preparation was going on full swing. Since the people working on this actionwere scattered in different parts of the country, we couldn’t arrange a get-together prior to the action. So we sat for online meetings every morning for all the planning. Initially we were a little worried about fund, but finally a good amount of fund was raised by the grace of Almighty Allah.

The day was Friday. All the Actioneers working on that day had already arrived in Chittagong. After the Jummah prayer, at around 2.30 pm, Actioneers started to gather at Sahad’s place. There were eighteen Actioneers altogether. Sanjoy, Ratanbhai and Sahadhad already surveyed the bazaar and bought all the food items at the cheapest price possible.  After 3.00pm we started to pack the foods into iftaar packets. It was done in a well-organized manner. In each packet there were piyaju, beguni, fruit cake, egg, banana, biscuit, chocolate, dates and mineral water. We completed packing within one hour and were waiting for Asr prayer. After prayer, we got divided into two groups, loaded the packets in a car and a pick-up and started. One group covered Kazir Dewri to Lalkhan Bazar and another distributed in Anayet Bazar to BRTC.

At first we hardly saw any street children in the road. But as we proceeded, we were getting some. It was sad that the elderly street peoples were urging for iftaar as well, but we didn’t have sufficient for them. We couldn’t even share food with all the children with our limited number of packets. But the smiles we saw on the kids’ faces who got the iftaar packet will remain vibrant in our memory for the lifetime.

At the side of one road, few kids were playing with bricks and woods. After getting the iftaar packet they started to rejoice, “Hey! Hey!! Hoi! Hoi!!” Their celebration brought tears in my eyes and still whenever I recall this, my eyes become moist. Through this Action, we realized the strength of unity and that together we can bring a thousand smiles in the faces of people around us.

Thanks to Allah for a successful day. Thanks to all the Actioneers for their effort, dedication and hard work with smiling faces. Thanks to Mithu for the good suggestions, Nabila Apu for the inspirations and Zahid for sharing his experience and the suggestions. Sahad, Sanjoy and Ratanbhai took all the burden of shopping. Raiik and Taif bhai worked hard for making the event well organized. Raiik, Sanjoy, Sahad and Taif bhai did an excellent job of fund raising! And finally thanks to all the donors whose contributions made this action possible!

Working on this action was a lot of fun. Also we have learned a lot. And it is nice that we have got twelve completely new Actioneers from this action! The time spent was simply great and it was a blissful day!

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  1. RANA says:

    Great job……..! Have a blessed life…..!!

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