An Experience Like Never Before–Action: Piyaju-Beguni 2011 (Day 6)

It was 10th August, 2011.  Most areas of the Dhaka city were still submerged underwater due to the heavy rainfall of last two days and the sky wasn’t looking any brighter. That was the day when we, the Actioneers of University of Dhaka, were to share iftaar with the under-privileged children of the same campus area. Being students of this university, most of us were already acquainted with a number of those smiling little faces that often followed us around for selling flowers, chocolates etc. in the campus, which earned them a living. This made the idea of sharing iftaar with those children even more rewarding and all of us were eagerly looking forward to this day.So finally when the day came, the drizzly weather could not dampen our spirit even a little bit and all the Actioneers did their work with utmost dedication.

The preparation began with the collection of donations from various sources. There was a spontaneous participation from the students of University of Dhaka in fund raising.  The final amount raised was sufficient to bring smile to many innocent faces.We made 300 iftaar packets which included piyaju, beguni, jilapi, cake, egg, banana, date and juice. The menu was a balance of delicious, nutritious and spicy foods. Despite the rainfall,we successfully distributed the packets among 300 less privileged children. After the day-long preparation when we finally distributed the packets, the smiles we saw on their faces were celestial.  The credit for the successful completion of the action goes to the dedicated Actioneers who made me believe, “The Actioneers are our Strength”.

Action: Piyaju-Beguni 2011 (Day 6) has been grand – the hard work put behind it, the experiences we had and the success finally achieved. We have learn a lot through this event. The whole group has worked together as a team and shown great unity to make this action successful. We have enjoyed working together from the beginning till the very end of this event. This action has proved yet again, “Actioneers are greater than Actions”.


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