An Incredible Experience—Action: Piyaju-Beguni 2011 (Day 19)

My uneventful summer vacation was coming to an end when I first saw the Action: Piyaju-Beguni Event page on fb. It caught my interest and without further delay I called a number of friends in my neighbourhood and decided to call the Event Co-ordinator up. We managed to convince him that we would be able to pull off a succesful event on our own within a short time and after waiting a day Motijheel was finally the last area to be added to the Event List. Needless to say, we were very excited and happy.

This was a first time for all 13 of us. We started with a short meeting and started collecting funds from that very day. In just 3 days we managed to collect a good amount and decided on a meeting to agree on items, the number of packets we were going to arrange and the place from which we will distribute. A friend’s uncle surprised us by donating 400 bottles of Juice Bottles at the very last moment! Most of our parents told us how people wouldn’t donate enough money, or shoo us away, and more depressing and negative thoughts followed; but with out willingness to help and work together for the greater good,  we were able to show them that a strong will is all you need to make anything possible.

As a first time Actioneer for the Action: Piyaju-Beguni, the only thing I could think was, how have I not done this before? On the 23rdof August, the event took place in Motijheel and 13 of us Actioneers arranged iftaar for over 400 people. Children were the first to arrive and not just for the food, it was a festive mood, full of picture taking, playing games and interacting with children. It is a sense of warmth and gratitude for being able to provide someone with a filling meal. Nothing is  more gratifying than the smile on their faces after they receive their meal and a bottle of juice.  One of the volunteers asked after the food distribution: Were we able make a difference today for Bangladesh’s well-being? And answered himself that no, we have not; we have to unite to make a bigger effort. I do agree that more effort should be made, by each of us in whatever ways we can, and not only when we have time to spare or nothing to do, but I disagree that we didn’t make a difference.  We provided children with food, and I would like to think we made their life a little more joyous even if only for a day and hence, we made a difference.

All in all in was a incredible experience and made all of us realize how each one us can make a change, however small, and overwhelm ourselves with our own potential.

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