HOW TO TURN A DAY OF TEARS TO A DAY OF SMILES—Action: Piyaju-Beguni 2011 (Day 11)

The events of the past few days had not only taken a heavy toll on our spirits but also pushed us into despair. Amid all the rage and frustration towards the system, there grew a feeling of hopelessness about the nation among us. So we initiated the fund raising efforts for Action: Piyaju-Beguni 2011 in Mohakhali and DOHS area with a heavy heart. However, the generosity of the people around us showed us the light at the end of the tunnel and we amassed an amount far beyond our expectations which got us back on track.

15 August, 2011. Finally the big day had arrived!

We all had an urge to stay in bed longer on a holiday. Nevertheless all the Actioneers gathered and started working right from the morning. If that was not enough, we had to spend hours shopping in the filthy and greasy streets of Karwan Bazar, walking through the slums beside the Mohakhali rail-line with trains gushing past us and if that was not enough too, the sun was being notoriously warm that dried our throats (not to forget we were all fasting). Three hours later, we were rushing through all the five hundred packets and running up and down the stairs loading the vans and by the end of it everyone was out of breath. Yet none of the Actioneers showed any sign of exhaustion. They were absolutely wonderful and did an amazing job.

We reached the two designated sites and began handing out the food packets at 5 p.m. It opened our eyes to the reality that all that effort had not gone to waste. The children jumped with joy on receiving the iftaar and some even came back for more! But we had to say no to them because there were so many who hadn’t received any. Despite all our limitations, what we achieved through this Action was beyond any price. All the smiles and happy faces we were seeing around the distribution spots really made us feel blissful. We came to the realization that if it is possible to make five hundred people smile with such a small endeavor; with joint efforts of the people of our country, we can even change the system and bring life to the under privileged and thus rescue ourselves from the spiraling poverty. We all have our little part to play in the system and if we perform them properly, it is not impossible to make our beloved homeland a better place to live. We need to have that strong determination and the right attitude in us to bring about the required changes.

Action: Piyaju-Beguni 2011 restored in us the motivation to work for the society that we had lost because of the series of depressing events that took place in the past few days. Therefore the event turned out to be not only a simple iftaar distribution, but also a great inspirational experience.

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