Randam Rants About Action: Mehndi Magic [28.08.11]

This is one of those events that make CommunityAction speak louder than words :) The idea is to split into teams and hit the streets… and put mehndi on the hands of street kids :)

So, buckle up ;)

1. A mother insisted that we put mehndi on her sleeping kiddo… she just wouldn’t take No for an answer, so we complied… several minutes after we are done, the kid wakes up and smudges all the mehndi over his cheek :D

I wish I could show you his “what the hell is this” expression! lol! :D


Suhana and I have received too many ‘get married to a good guy’ type wishes from the mums… the best wish being that we find a ‘bideshi chhele’ rofl :D


A pichchee gets me to write her name, comes back and asks if I can write another!

Turns out: her brother already went to their ‘desher bari’ for Eid while she’s gonna spend it here, so she wants her bro’s name on her hands :) Aww!

I mean, we all have siblings… but did we ever want to put up their names because we missed them?

Once we got up to make a move towards 8A, several kids kept coming to us to ask us to give away our mehndi cones to them. Why? Because their siblings weren’t there and they want their siblings to get some Mehndi too!

I swear, not 1 of them gave another reason but this.



A surprising amount of kids – I would say, the majority – could spell out what I wrote, even in English! Suhana and Faria got some to sing out ‘a-b-c…’! This was sooo coool! :D

I am really hopeful about BD’s gen next from today on… because no matter how spoilt the other stratas’ production gets, these bunch will inshaAllah grow up with an urge to break out of the mold and do better :)


I will try to keep these amazing kids in my duas from on… won’t you? :)


A man and a woman who sold flowers at Dhanmondi lake came up to us and offered to give us flowers for free!!! Not just anything… li’l li’l light-yellow roses!!! Just because we were doing what we were doing! The guy even offered to make us a bunch!!! It was simply unbelievable ♥


This was the 1st time I attended Action: Mehndi Magic… having followed the previous events closely, I knew there would be many moments that would touch my heart. Yet, I didn’t expect the 1st hit to come within 15 minutes of joining the team!


Suhana and I were stuck with a bunch outside 12A’s Masjid ul Takwa (or something? :S ) while the rest of the troupe was in the lake side… and this old guy (beggar) comes up and asks, very gently –

when we will put some mehndi on our hands?

I don’t know about Suhana, but I was speechless.

Suhana tried to assure him that we will, once we are done with the kids… instead, the old man kept reminding us that we ought to get some work done on our hands too!

My Eid will be tons of times more beautiful this year, based on just this one encounter :)



Shortly after I left the team, I had to visit Anam-Rangs at Road 6A around 6pm. I ended up meeting few of the kids I had worked with outside the mall! I could recall one of them specifically, so I went up to her and said something like: “ai! tumi ekhane? bah!” She smiled like we were buddies, and amid a mob attack from beggars, she pretty much walked with me till I got inside my car.


I didn’t get to see her after I got in, but as my car moved away, I knew she was there, somewhere, acutely aware of our brief meets today, and something inside my head told me with surety that she’ll remember us for a long time.

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3 Responses to Randam Rants About Action: Mehndi Magic [28.08.11]

  1. Candy says:

    How could any of this be better sttaed? It couldn’t.

  2. Sidrat Jabeen says:

    wow! Thanks… err… this was my 1st real ‘blog’ anywhere… I always intended to have my own space somewhere but believe me when I say this: I’m too lazy to get it started!

    I’ll remember this post as that li’l push I needed :)

  3. pushpo says:

    U shud keep ranting sid. Ur great with self expression. I love the bit bout the lil kid wanting her bros name on her hands.fab!

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