Sharing Smiles in the Rain—Action: Piyaju-Beguni 2011 (Day 5)

I would like to start off with thanking Almighty ALLAH for giving us the audacity and the ability to complete Action: Piyaju-Beguni 2011 (Day 5) in Dhanmondi-2 (Science Lab – Road 27) area amidst heavy downpour on 9th August, 2011. This project would never be a success without the wonderful, efficient and punctual Actioneers who showed their character and determination in the face of the incessant rain. Therefore I heartily thank all the Actioneers who worked with a smile on their faces in such adverse conditions.

It was definitely not an easy job arranging the iftaar items i.e. getting them at the cheapest possible prices. However the job became a lot easier with the assistance and advices from the seniors of CommunityAction and with the generous donations made by the people around us. Thank you donors, without you, providing so much food to the under-privileged children would have been impossible!
The meeting on 6th August was a successful one and opened the door towards a successful event. The support I got from all around was inexplicably good. Everything was going smooth until Tuesday morning, the morning of the event,when the rain caused some mismanagement.  Although the quantity of the iftaar items(dates, biscuits, Juice, Banana, Piyaju, Beguni, Buns, Chocolates, Jilapi) were enough, there were not sufficient packaging materials. But as always the Actioneers came up with unquestionable alternatives. Thanks to the Actioneers for another great help!

The huge battalion of Actioneers (in that weather!) was divided into three teams. Team 1, under Romio Bhaia covered from Road 27/A to Sobhanbagh. Maher led Team 2 and covered the Dhanmondi Lake. I headed Team 3 and distributed iftaar from City College to Kalabagan. Our plans could not be fully executed due to the weather conditions. We would definitely have done an even better job if there was no rain. Still 400 iftaar packets were distributed among the needy. Initially we had plans of sharing iftaar with the children only;but we ended up sharing with adults too – as we had excessive packets. This change of plan was again due to the rain which was making it difficult to find children on the streets.

But at the end of day, the 400 smiles we received from the poor and under-privileged children and adults were enough to make us forget all the troubles we went through. The looks of happiness on their faces after receiving one square meal made our getting soaked in the rain worth it. This has been one amazing experience.


Once again I thank Allah for giving us the strength to take such a great initiative. May Allah accept our good work and enable us to continue doing such works in the future.

Special thanks to Sidrat Apu who helped us from the beginning till the very end; Nabila Apu and Mithu Bhaia- for being the awesome advisers; Romio Bhaia for helping with the decisions and execution of plans; Maher and Romio Bhaia again for being the awesome spot leaders; my lazy friends who showed up and worked brilliantly and of course all the Actioneers who took part by both volunteering and donating. Photographers also did a fantastic job of taking pictures in the rain. All your hard work, dedication and contribution have made Action: Piyaju-Beguni 2011 (Day 5) a success. Thank you!

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