Bangladesh’s FIRST text-book library for the visually impaired

CommunityAction is building the FIRST “text book based library for the visually impaired” in Bangladesh. To understand what this Action is read below and also see
CA is building Bangladesh’s FIRST text book based library for the visually impaired by using the fund we won from a Small Grants Competition organised by the American Center of the U.S. Embassy, Dhaka.

– Only 50 places on offer.

Action: Bangladesh's FIRST text-book library for the visually impaired

Action: Bangladesh's FIRST text-book library for the visually impaired

– You will receive training before you start the Action (Course fee will be covered by CommunityAction).

– And at the end of the Action, IF your work is up to the expected standard, CommunityAction will issue you a recommendation letter. We look to create “Moral, Influential & Professional” activists.

– Only available to those who are already in university or have *completed* their HSC/A levels and are now applying to various universities.

– If you are chosen, you will have to work on this Action until September 2012. So during this time, you will have to pledge to stick to this Action. (The work will not be continuous, so it is not much pressure. But the Action will require your loyalty and dedication.)



1) Will a participant’s studies be hampered between now and Sep ’12 if they get involved in this Action?

A. Studies will not be hampered at all through working in this Action. Everyone involved is a student and schedules will be made keeping that flexibility in mind. CA is merely saying that half way through the Action a participant cannot decide to say s/he will not complete the Action (unless of course there are exceptional circumstances, which can be reviewed by the Action Leaders).

2) How many number of hours per week does a participant need to give?

A. The number of hours per week — very very variable. In some months there may not be any work at all because all the work has been transferred to YPSA. We are looking at greater concentration of work in the months of Dec ’11, Jan ’12, Mar ’12 and Jul-Aug ’12.

3) Does a participant get any certificates?

A. Unfortunately, no CA does not give out certificates. If an Actioneer proves him/herself to be exceptional, we do issue customised recommendation letters though. We are looking to create “Moral, Influential & Professional” Actioneers.

Wanna be one of this worthy team?
Please fill up this FORM:

  • We encourage students with no previous experience to apply
  • Deadline: November 20th, 2011, 12 midnight

Join the team, make the change :)

They are school students now... But they are worried how long they can go? Obstacles are everywhere! But when you say: "Let me be your eyes!", they start to dream again! They will try their the best to achieve bachelor degree :)



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Segufta is studying in Marketing department in University of Dhaka.
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