Live updates from “Different Bangladesh, TEDxDhaka” 2012

3.55 PM
x= independently organized TED event,
enthusiastic attendees filling up the seats,
bloggers taking the back seats with their laptops,

waiting for the the second TED event in Bangladesh to start. . .(feel like i can bite all my nails off)

x= independently organized TED event,

4.10 pm
The auditorium of Senate Bhaban’s buzzing with TED attendees now. Only EIGHTEEN minutes of speech by each of the speakers and that leaves the audience awed.
Stay with me for live updates on TEDxDhaka :)

4.45 pm
Muhammad Tauheed shares his story of bringing TED to Bangladesh followed by Dr. K. Siddique-e Rabbani‘s informative speech on Innovating Healthcare Technology for the deprived 80%.
Lack of pure drinking water and the shocking fact of 90% tube wells of Bangladesh having arsenic contamination is something to think about.
He went on to explain how surface water is free of arsenic and that can be boiled to kill the diarrhea germs.
The scientist and professor of biomedical physics of the University of Dhaka also explained how technology acquisition is not just being able to use technology, but being able to innovate and research as well.

Dr. K. Siddique-e Rabbani's informative speech

6.00 pm
A  TED video lightened the mood of the event with information about team coordination. Marshmallow tests have found out a group of architects and engineers perform better than a group of business graduates but a CEO admin in the group of architects and engineers make the team perform even better.

6.11 pm
Jishnu Brahmaputra, an online gamer shared some interesting facts about online gaming in Bangladesh. I totally agree with him on Bangladesh having pathetic internet.

Mr. Brahmaputra believes gaming brings unity among people as they play in teams to achieve a certain goal. The gamers of Bangladesh are oppressed by the society’s expectations and he thinks that the gamers are stereotyped as immature, lifeless, geeky-yet academically-poor people.
He requests that gaming be treated as a talent and people with the talent be respected. He concludes with the promise that if gaming is facilitated, Cricket will not be the only honorable sport of Bangladesh.

P.S. had no idea gaming can earn u several hundreds and thousands of dollar

Jishnu Brahmaputra, an online gamer shared some interesting facts

6.30 pm
Having sandwich and sweet on snacks break. Food always feels Good :D.

Iraj Islam's statement "Innovation is Simple"

6.45 pm

Pondering over Iraj Islam’s statement “Innovation is Simple”. You could feel the audiences eagerly waiting to hear more about it.

A line appears on the big screen with the name “Biology” and another line called “Technology” cuts the first one at 90 degree. Biotechnology is what resulted.

Mr. Iraj explained how intersection is the key to innovation.

Innovation is not restricted to technology only, guess what the intersection of Commerce, Books and Internet formed! :)

He concludes dramatically with “Experts do not change the world. You do.”

Taslima Miji's inspiring speech on women entrepreneurship

7.03 pm

After Taslima Miji‘s inspiring speech on women entrepreneurship, Ivy Huq Russell is on stage talking about Maya.

Maya is not just a website, it’s more than that.

It aims to

  • provide women with access to useful information
  • connect women with one another
  • redistribute knowledge

7.28 pm
Ejaj Ahmed, president of BYLC talking about leadership.

“Unless we take care of the our part of mess the situation will not improve. We ourselves have to take the authority.”

7.48 pm
Creative Director of Headoffice (Yes, the name is Headoffice), sharing his story of becoming an entrepreneur and the very creative ideas of gift items.

Me= art+ design+ entrepreneurship

8.10 pm
The event nearing an end. Chairman of Amar Desh Amar Gram, Nurur Rahman Khan is on stage talking about Amar Desh e-shop.

8.30 pm
Cal Jahan’s ending speech was very encouraging. Bangladesh might top the list of bad and bottom the list of good, but we have potential.

The live updates come to an end with the event.
Very much looking forward to the next TED event.
Best Wishes :)

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  1. Rid says:

    Ideas are bulletproof! Jotil :)

  2. Adnan Ahmed Salman says:

    Great :) TED should hold such events more in BD.. esp events like TEDxDU or other unis so that students of those universities can share and learn ideas and innovation especially on technology.

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