4th General Meeting 2012 live

The group photo of 2012's 4th Annual General Meeting :D

6:50PM : Now we are in little Prayer break and then we will have Food, meeting with others and get to know each other well. With this we are finishing our live updates here.

Thank you for being with us. And we hope Actioneers who couldn’t come, were in touch with us through live streaming. Keep Smiling :D6:30 PM: Nabila apu ends her speech and introduced all the executives of CommunityAction!

6:15 PM: Nabila Apu continues, she explains why a few action is not enough for an out bursting social change,yet the goal of CommunityAction is to prepare Actioneers who are MORAL, INFLUENTIAL and PROFESSIONAL and who can trigger a great deal of change in the society!

6:11 PM: Everyone is watching a horrifying video of a girl shooting a guy, but somehow everyone is laughing!! Well, everyone is laughing because the story is fake! Nabila apu clarifies, the reason for this video is to present the superficiality people has now-a-days and this should not be a characteristic of an Actioneer.

6:05 PM: Finally! The President of CommunityAction Nabila Idris is on stage!! Everyone is on board for the journey to her awesome speech on Community Action and everything else it includes :)

5:50 PM: An Actioneer as  a boatman on the screen!!! Well, don’t get confused, because Actioneer Shoishob (the host) is on stage with a wonderful photo presentation with photos of hilarious and also inspiring experiences during the Actions!!! :D

5:36 PM: Energetic group of Actioneers re-convening at the auditorium after the prayer break!!

5:29 PM: Actioneer Nazia takes up the stage right now!! She is speaking on the Social Business Unit’s first project which is underway. CommunityAction aims to reduce illiteracy in Bangladesh through this Action!! “Keep smiling because even a smile is a charity,” she concludes! :)

5:22 PM: Actioneer Raiyan takes on the stage again!! This time, however, he speaks on the Human Resource Department of CommunityAction which engages and develops the Actioneers to bring out their true potential. Action: Essence of Shadhinota, Action: Piyaju Beguni, and Action: Pahela Baishakh are the Actions through which new Actioneers are introduced to CommunityAction. Action: Speakers’ Circle and Action: Workshop for Changemakers aim to develop the skills of new Actioneers.

5:17 PM: Actioneer Kazi Noman on stage right now!! He speaks of the importance of the Accounting and Finance department of CommunityAction in maintaining transparency and accountability.

5:12 PM: Actioneer Suhailey describing Action: Step Up which connects the privileged with the under-privileged to realize the academic dreams of meritorious but needy students while at the same time, instilling empathy in the privileged Actioneers. One candidate, Marzia, scored a brilliant 4.96 in her SSC exams!!

5:04 PM: Our next speaker Actioneer Chanda speaks on behalf of Actioneer Samira Musleh to introduce the attendees to Action: Guardians in the Dark. She enthralls the attendees with the campaign: “Let me be your eyes!” Apart from realizing the dreams of visually impaired individuals, such as helping one visually impaired student to secure the 24th position in national university admission test, the Actioneers behind this Action are also working to build the first text-book based library for the visually impaired in Bangladesh!!

4:54 PM: Actioneer Raiyan Abdul Baten shares a heart-warming story about a rickshaw-puller who was assisted to buy a van through Action: Stand Up!!

4:52 PM: Actioneer Fazlay Rabbi speaks specifically on Action: Boi Onneshon through which more than a dozen new libraries were built within the easy reach of children, i.e. in schools!!

4:44 PM: 60,055 people helped through ONE Action? How? Check out Action: Jolodhara!

4:35 PM: Actioneer Zahid is speaking on Action: Piyaju Beguni. This is the event which attracts most new Actioneers. It’s very easy to lose patience during Ramadan but by executing this Action, we can learn to restrain our anger. Check what an Actioneer has to say here.

4:30 PM: Actioneer Zahid elaborating on Action: Chobir Bhasha. “A picture speaks a thousand words,” he says. This Action serves to remind the citizens of the problems and their solutions through creative means.

4:22 PM: Actioneer Antara says: “To serve others, she does not not need to wait for extravagant platforms.”

4:17 PM: The enthusiastic host of the event, Actioneer Shoishob, welcomes the Actioneers with motivational games and asks the million-dollar question: “Why join CommunityAction?”

4:04 PM: The moment we have been waiting for!! The event begins with the national anthem for Bangladesh.

3:57 PM: NAEM Auditorium is abuzz with activities!! Some active Actioneers are coordinating the entire event. New Actioneers are bonding with the rest of the attendees. We shall be starting very soon!! You can also follow us on Facebook

3:47 PM: Actioneers are entering the venue in groups. We are waiting a few minutes for others to join us. Welcome to the live blogging of the 4th Annual General Meeting of CommunityAction!! :D

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