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About Sanjoy Mitra

Sanjoy Mitra is studying to Electrical and Electronics Engineering in American International University of Bangladesh(AIUB). He is an active Actioneer and in-charge of actions in Chittagong area.

Humble Perception

“How does he manage to travel on his own? How does he perceive someone’s appearance? What does he see in his dreams? How does he use a cell phone?” these were some of the questions that Aamir and I were … Continue reading

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Another warm Action: Ushnota 2011 in Chittagong

Action: Ushnota holds a lot of significance to me. Action: Ushnota 2010 in Chittagong, on 31st night 2010, was my very first attempt to execute an action and my first step into the realm of actioneerism. In fact, before this, … Continue reading

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